How Varying Ways Of Writing Are Perceived Differently





Negative Spaces/Unfinished Drawings

Whilst drawing my portrait and stopping at various levels of completion, I came across the aesthetically appealing unfinished appearance of some of them. There was something piercing in the eyes left as outlines and areas of darkness contrasting with each others.

Looking into this further:

  • Negative space allows the audience to interact with the painting. Represents memory – the lack clarity it has – and the way it is never complete, making the audience move their eyes over the drawing.
  • This leaves room for imagination and interpretation – analysing ‘what could be’. Searching for a hidden meaning or emotion within the art.
  • The delicate lines contrast with the more detailed drawn areas, actually making the unfinished parts stand out and demand attention. I also love the appearance of the intricately drawn eye with the darkness of the shadows and under-eye bags, next to the soft outline of an unfinished eye.
  • There seems to be an essence of melancholy and tiredness in the shades of pencil, the subject lost in thought represented by the incompleteness of the picture.

Mind-Map Drawing

After my first study of Madrid that involves sketchbook pages, ┬ámemory and text, I wanted to focus more on details and intricacy. I started this study with my sketchbooks open around me, with collected receipts, tickets and sketches of art from the galleries I visited. I wanted the time it takes to create to be an important factor in my current art because as I draw new ideas and memories surface, letting my mind wander back to my experiences in Madrid. Here there is a range of focuses – detailed drawings, recreated blind sketches, representations of art and written text. I will be adding to this each day until I feel it is completed.


Close ups:

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Developing Ideas

To create art following on from my trip to Madrid I have studied my sketchbooks and taken in conversations I’ve recorded and conjured up memories to involved in my work Using a collage of these in a mind-map of ideas I have recreated aspects of my experiences; without a main focus in the work I have had to consider composition and colour, whilst also being free with my recordings and letting my subconscious and memory lead.


Close ups:

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Materials: Fine liners, oil pastel and watercolour. Lining paper with sketchbook pages.