Mind-Map Drawing

After my first study of Madrid that involves sketchbook pages,  memory and text, I wanted to focus more on details and intricacy. I started this study with my sketchbooks open around me, with collected receipts, tickets and sketches of art from the galleries I visited. I wanted the time it takes to create to be an important factor in my current art because as I draw new ideas and memories surface, letting my mind wander back to my experiences in Madrid. Here there is a range of focuses – detailed drawings, recreated blind sketches, representations of art and written text. I will be adding to this each day until I feel it is completed.


Close ups:

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Developing Ideas

To create art following on from my trip to Madrid I have studied my sketchbooks and taken in conversations I’ve recorded and conjured up memories to involved in my work Using a collage of these in a mind-map of ideas I have recreated aspects of my experiences; without a main focus in the work I have had to consider composition and colour, whilst also being free with my recordings and letting my subconscious and memory lead.


Close ups:

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Materials: Fine liners, oil pastel and watercolour. Lining paper with sketchbook pages.

Mood Books

I started filling A6 notebooks whilst travelling to Madrid to record the journey using the red book when feeling anxious or sad, yellow for excited or happy. There is a clear difference between what is drawn, red pen often used when stressed and a more negative outlooks. Unfortunately I found I had such a good time, and felt so safe, that I barely did any drawings in the red book. I mainly used a bigger sketchbook to draw people, rather than the  yellow one to record conversations, as I was always immersed in social situations and experiences.




Sketchbook Studies

Over the course of the week I studied a range of subjects according to my situation or mood; from emotion and surroundings, to detailed parts of paintings in galleries, architecture and conversations. There is a wide range of different ideas that represent my trip as a whole and I plan to collage these into bigger ‘Mind-Maps’ of my experiences, enlarging and focusing in on previously documented shapes and texts.

Madrid – The Experience

After a life changing week in Madrid I learnt many things about myself, others and creativity. I learnt that I can get over fear and anxiety and doing things on my own is not scary but rewarding. I was expecting my drawings to come out of documenting this worry and challenging experience, but it came from being  happiness and socialising with people around me – I was never planning on having so much fun and being around so many people.

At first it was difficult to see or make art with the chaotic experiences, but I found an interesting point that when I am happy, it is harder to find creativity and inspiration. However, I used these emotions to record the people I met and grow as an individual to become mature and confidence in myself and my art. I also met a very close friend who I spent mostly every with and who has contributed to my text work – which I want to explore in the sense of emotional relationships and friendships, rather than my relationship with the world around me. In the past I would use my art to feel involved in my surroundings, to distract myself or to just listen. However, now I want to explore other peoples affect on my happiness and sense of self, and of honest, intense friendships and connections.