Overflowing Text – Endless Flow Of Thoughts




Disordered Scribbles

As a part of my work is about fully expressing myself to an audience, however personal or intense, I am starting to expose the thoughts I have often that are obsessive or over emotional. I tend to think constantly and more intensely than what would be considered ‘normal’ and writing it down can be a good way to calm this down. As this is a big part of my identity and personality it is important to involve this in my work – as the focus of my current work is my self.

It’s very difficult and scary to share the personal thoughts that go on in my mind but I think that it creates a more accurate overall representation of me.

Cornwall Sketchbook Studies and Journey Documentation

Ideas from Cy Twombly has led me to want to record surroundings in small sketches and documentations with notes to fully represent the things I encounter.

These are quick studies from the beach featuring my family, mussels growing on the rocks and the shapes and cavities of rocks:


Drawings from the house of subjects around me, as well as objects and intriguing forms made into a collage.

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Composition of two contrasting pages in my sketchbook:


Documentations Whilst At Home

After leaving university to live at my family home for the summer I wanted to keep up with documenting my experiences whilst I research artists and find some new ideas for the following months. These sketches focus on my family members, snippets of¬†conversation and blind drawings. I’ve noticed that I have had little inspiration in my surroundings whilst here¬†so I would like to generate some new ideas whilst in Cornwall on holiday and on my art trip to Madrid.